About Cheryl.

For those of you whom I have not had the pleasure to meet yet here is a little bit about myself. My name is Cheryl Jones and yes I LOVE Mexico. I was born and raised in Canada and I have been selling real estate in Ottawa, Canada since 2011.

A picture of Cheryl in MexicoMy family has been vacationing in Puerto Vallarta Mexico for 28 years and counting. I have travelled to many other destinations which were beautiful, however they didn't leave me with the same feeling of home as I have in Mexico. There is truly something magical about Mexico. The locals are so loving and welcoming. They care about those around them and take pride in their country. They are excited to share their food and culture with those around them. It is not abnormal for you to be sitting at a table either alone or with company and have the staff come sit with you and want to share stories about their different cultures. Mexico honestly has my heart.

I had been looking at purchasing real estate in Mexico for many years and decided to make my dream come true when I bought a new construction condo in Puerto Vallarta. Yes, I am a successful realtor in Ottawa and protect my buyers during a transaction however, like most buyers, I was an emotional mess and jumped in without thinking twice. I made mistakes that I never would have let my buyers make. Why? Because I was an excited emotional buyer without any knowledge of purchasing in Mexico.

What did I do that I should have known better?

  • I bought the condo through the agent representing the builder. ALWAYS use a buyer's agent who you know is reputable.
  • I sent a lot of money to Mexico to hold my unit. Again, a buyer's agent would have walked me through this.
  • I didn't have anyone to educate me about the following:
    • Closing fees?
    • Do I need a separate will for Mexican real estate?
    • Will this affect my taxes?
    • Do I need an accountant in Mexico?
    • Can I rent it out? If I do, are there any implications?
    • Is this project real? Is it a scam?

A picture of Cheryl in MexicoI spent many nights laying awake nervous because I didn't have any representation and minimal information on the buying process in Mexico.

I looked up this agent and he had no social media presence at all. I reached out to other agents in the area and they confirmed that this is in fact a legal agreement and I did send the money to the right people. When visiting Puerto Vallarta, I was able to visit the condo site many times which helped put my mind at ease. The project was delayed many times and I wished I had a buyer's agent in my corner to verify all the information that I was being told or lack of information.

After I purchased and sent a lot of money to the builder I found out that currently in Mexico there is no licensing required for real estate sales professionals. This is INSANE! There is an association that some agents are members of called AMPI. In order to assure that realtors are performing in a professional and ethical manner, the Mexican real estate association, AMPI, (Asociación Mexicana de Profesionales Inmobiliarios), has taken on this responsibility on behalf of buyers, sellers and the general public. You want to make sure your realtor is a member and still choose wisely! Imagine my panic when I found out that most listings that we see are fake.

A picture of Cheryl in MexicoI have been working closely with some fantastic agents to help many others, like myself, find the right agent to work with. When I refer you to a high-integrity agent, they will not only help you with your real estate needs but also put you in touch with the best lawyer, accountant, and all other referrals that you will need in that city. This should be an exciting experience, and you need to be working with someone you are confident in, who will truly take care of you and your investment. My dream has always been to own a home in Mexico, and it is now a reality. I can help you with your dream and guarantee that you will be well looked after.

- Cheryl Jones

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