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Better Quality of Life

Many people feel they have a better quality of life when living in Mexico. The cost of living is much more affordable than many places across the world. This includes homestead, food and utilities, taxes and real estate.Many people are moving to Mexico where their fixed incomes go further because they are not paying as much for the basic necessities and their incomes are not being affected with rising costs that they can't avoid. Especially taxes and food!

Eating Better Food at a Fraction of the Price

In Mexico, there is plenty of fresh and wholesome food that is conveniently accessible at affordable prices. While fresh foods are available in industrialized countries, they usually come at a premium compared to highly processed or non-fresh foods. However, in Mexico, you don't have to spend a lot to eat healthily. When you eat food that is cooked in Mexico, you can taste that it was made with love just for you.

Home Living Costs are Lower in Mexico.

Over the last decade, fees and taxes for homeowners in places like the US, Canada, and Western Europe have increased rapidly, making home ownership so expensive due to high prices to purchase homes, rent, taxes, and monthly bills. However, in Mexico, homeowners enjoy lower costs of real estate, rent, property taxes, as well as lower maintenance costs due to lower material prices and labor fees for house maintenance services. Moreover, the Mexican government offers a retiree discount card for any citizens or residents over the age of 60, and many businesses advertise senior discounts. To get savings on food and groceries, entertainment, pharmacies and health, travel on buses and airlines (within Mexico), property taxes, and utilities, simply present your card before your purchase.

Beautiful Weather

Mexico offers options for your preferred climate. If you enjoy a year-round temperate climate, the central highland areas are ideal. If you prefer warmer temperatures near the ocean, there are many choices available, and unlike the US, coastal property is affordable in multiple areas across Mexico. On the other hand, if you prefer cooler temperatures year-round, Mexico's highland mountain towns are the perfect fit for you. Once you experience the breathtaking views and sunsets in Mexico, you will never want to leave!

Affordable Healthcare

One of the many reasons people choose to relocate to Mexico is the top-notch and affordable healthcare that is offered. An emerging service that foreign residents seek in Mexico is long-term healthcare in residential homes, and it's not surprising given that the monthly cost for residential care in Mexico ranges between US$500 and US$1,500 compared to the US, where the monthly costs range between US$5,000 and US$6,500. Additionally, medical treatments in Mexico cost a fraction of what they do north of the border. If you're considering a move to Mexico, medical care will be one of the many things you'll need to look into. Doctors in Mexico take the time to understand your needs, and they don't rush you. They take their time to listen to you.

It's not uncommon for doctors in Mexico to become our friends. We have their personal number, and they check in on us, something we aren't used to if we're from the US or Canada. Many expats choose to enroll in the government-sponsored medical program known as IMSS or Instituto Medico del Seguro Social. The premiums are extremely affordable when compared to private healthcare insurance. Additionally, medications in Mexico are much cheaper. Most of the medications that require a prescription in the US and Canada can be obtained over the counter in Mexico.

We Feel Safe

Despite the sensationalism in the media about the dangers of living in Mexico, foreign residents living there report feeling safe and settled in Mexico. Of course, like any country, there are areas you should avoid, and precautions you should take when you are out and about. However, the majority of Mexico, especially those states catering to tourists and expats, are perfectly safe. The drug cartels are not targeting foreign residents or tourists. People who are not involved in the drug trade have a very small chance of being affected by it. Every day, more foreigners make the decision to move to Mexico. Many foreigners will tell you that over the years that they have either visited or lived in Mexico, they have never felt threatened or endangered and feel safer than in places in North America. The only threat I must warn you about is the delicious margaritas that will keep you giggling through the night while dancing to live mariachi music.


Mexico is a great country to invest your money in real estate. The housing market is much lower than in Canada and the USA. Many people have decided to sell all their belongings in other countries and move to Mexico for a better quality of life. Because of this, you can purchase your dream home at a fraction of the price or invest in a property to rent to the many vacationers that visit 365 days a year to enjoy all that this exquisite country has to offer.

​ A few examples:

  • Most neighborhoods have a fresh market where you can easily walk to and buy local produce, meats, seafood, etc.
  • A bag full of fresh produce will cost about $8 USD.
  • A kilo of shrimp (2.2 pounds) is about $15 USD.
  • If you need a doctor visit you can walk into the pharmacy and see their FREE doctor as long as you purchase the medicine from that pharmacy.
  • A doctor appointment with a top bilingual doctor is about $30 USD and you can often be seen the same day. They will not rush you and are free to ask all the questions needed.
  • Excellent bilingual dentists for a fraction of the cost for high quality care.
  • Medical tourism is very popular here, you can get the care you need and a vacation for less than back home.
  • Taking your fur baby to the vet is about $12.50 USD.
  • Dog grooming is about $12.50 USD for a medium-size furbaby cut.
  • Getting your car washed inside and out is about $5 USD.
  • Tacos, Tacos & more Tacos!
  • Fresh fruit waters are delicious and made that day! If you haven't tried this please do.
  • Property tax is EXTREMELY low, 2022 a $550,00 0USD home paid $316 USD for the year! Having someone come to clean your condo is about $30 USD including washing sheets & towels. This is advantageous for people who purchase for AIRBNB opportunities, along with low yearly property tax gives you more of a profit.
  • Residency temporary or permanent is simple for those who qualify.
  • You do not need to be a resident or physically present to purchase.
  • You can take many day trips by grabbing the bus easily. There are many little towns to visit to enjoy a day of exploring, hiking, waterfalls and great local cuisine.
  • Enjoy a day Golfing at a PGA course, Big Game fishing, Botanical Gardens.
  • Culture & the people, a sense of community!
  • The lifestyle that most DREAM about can be your REALITY.

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